Balzer Poster


The poster shown here advertises a historic pastry shop in the center of Bergamo.
The poster was designed by Pier Lodovico Cortesi in 1957 and printed by Lito-Tipo Meyer S.p.A. 
The author, with Gianni D’Amico, had founded the Studio Reclame in Bergamo in 1953. 

The poster is a mix of illustration and photography. A male figure is represented, probably a waiter, with panettone-shaped head. He walks cheerfully carrying a package and a slice of panettone. His clothes are red and yellow, which are the araldic colors of the city of Bergamo.

If the portrayed character seems to link the poster to the tradition of idea-characters in the manner of Leonetto Cappiello, the use of illustration along with photography aesthetically renews the methods of billboard advertising which until recently had been mainly pictorial.

Balzer poster
Balzer poster