“Design Research: Methods and Perspectives”

"How the tools of design research can involve designers more directly with objects, products and services they design; from human-centered research methods to formal experimentation, process models, and application to real world design problems....The tools of design research, writes Brenda Laurel, will allow designers 'to claim and direct the power of their profession.' Often neglected in the various curricula of design schools, the new models of design research described in this book help designers to investigate people, form, and process in ways that can make their work more potent and more delightful. 'At the very least,' Peter Lunenfeld writes in the preface, 'design research saves us from reinventing the wheel. At its best, a lively research methodology can reinvigorate the passion that so often fades after designers join the profession.'"—https://mitpress.mit.edu/books/design-research