Typeface for Walker Art Center

"In 1994, noted type designer Matthew Carter was commissioned by the Walker Art Center to help create a new typeface for the institution. Working with design director Laurie Haycock Makela and designer Matt Eller, Carter’s ingenious design solution was an all uppercase display font in roman and italic features customized 'snap-on' serifs and the ability to apply lines above, below, or through the middle of letters and words. Through a series of keyboard commands, a user can add a variety of serifs—tapered, slab, wedge—to different locations on a letterform. This on-demand flexibility remains unique in the field of typography. Walker’s boldface lettering creates a strong, distinctive, expressionistic message, and its kit-of-parts approach allows for a great variety of typographic experimentation for the designer. The Walker typeface personified and helped initiate the larger cultural trend toward less static and monolithic and more dynamic graphic identity programs."—https://walkerart.org/minnesotabydesign/objects/walker