Purple Moon Sampling Products

"Later in 1996-1999 she co-founded Purple Moon, which was a successful game company focusing on games for girls. What was special with Purple Moon was that it was build and designed based upon research. At Purple Moon the focus was to create games for tween girls, and they interviewed thousands of girls all over the USA to gain insights into the lives of tween girls. Purple Moon wanted to challenge the misconceptions about how girls are not good with technology, by building games that would get girls to put their hands on a keyboard, to engage with aspects of their needs and their desires. The research they did in Purple Moon demonstrated how girls in the US had very different self-conceptions from the Barbie Mattel idea of femininity that ruled in those days. Mattel was not mirroring the actual experiences of the young girls. Purple Moon made games with characters that reflected the lives of real kids and gave them experiences that made sense to them. There was no way to win these games; they were not win-or-lose experiences. Instead it was a way for girls to experience personal agency in their social and personal lives."—https://www.atariwomen.org/stories/brenda-laurel/