Per Voi Signora


Edina Altara  (Sassari, 1898 – Lanusei, 1983) was a painter, illustrator and designer from Sardinia, extremely known in the fashion industry as well as in the illustration one.

She started her artistic career as self- taught at a very young age, feeding a great curiosity for paper art carving, fabric's cut and colors used to create local Sardinian artisans.

In her illustrations Edina will mark an idea of bearing and elegance. Her style initially inspired by art deco, turns into illustrations with a more pictorial sense with a great use of color, with sinuous and soft lines.

Fashion will be the center of her activity in the 40s especially thanks to the collaboration with various magazines of the time like  "Per voi Signora" (1932). 

"Per Voi Signora" was a monthly magazine established in 1932 initially named “Per voi signora, per i vostri ricami e la vostra casa”, directed by Angelo Vergani. The magazine was offering drawings, photographs and modellings schemes for knitting and crochet embroidery and for linen and clothing. In 1935, directed by of Mario Soresina, it changed title to "Rivista di moda, ricamo e lavori femminili" for an exclusively Italian autarkic fashion.