Arcobräu bierdeckel


This is a bierdeckel, or beer lid, from 1970s Germany. It is from Arcobräu brewery, located in the Lower Bavarian municipality of Moos, Germany. This brewery has been family-owned by the Arco-Zinneberg family for over 450 years. This bierdeckel features the brewery name in 3D blackletter typography. Above the name is the phrase “seit 1567” with the family coat of arms in the middle. Below the name is the word “pilsener,” or “pilsner” which refers to a pale lager beer, in a simple script typeface. The whole coaster is printed in a single green color. The back of the coaster features the same design, except printed in a single red color.

Arcobräu bierdeckel 1
Source: Germany
Arcobräu bierdeckel 2
Source: Germany