Würzburg Hofbräu bierdeckel


This is a bierdeckel, or beer lid, from 1970s Germany. It is from Würzburg Hofbräu, the only brewery in Würzburg, Germany. The front of this coaster depicts a circular illustration of a castle, with a green banner below reading “Imported German Beer” and stalks of grain to the left and right. Below the banner is the Würzburg Hofbräu in blackletter type, drawing on Germany's history in early type and printmaking. Similarly, the black-and-white illustration of the castle is in a style similar to early block printmaking. Although not confirmed, the castle looks similar to either the Marienburg fortress located near Wurzenberg, or the more iconic Neuschwanstein castle located in Southern Germany. The back of the bierdeckel features a brief description of the Würzburg Hofbräu company’s goals and practices in exporting their beer in english.

Würzburg Hofbräu bierdeckel 1
Source: Germany
Würzburg Hofbräu bierdeckel 2
Source: Germany