Missale Romanum Typical Vatican Edition 3


The Roman Missal is a book that the Roman Catholic Church uses to celebrate Mass, and it contains all of the required prayers, chants, and instructions.

Yet prior to the creation of such books, a number of books were utilized at Mass. Around the 12th and 13th centuries, monasteries began to produce the first authentic liturgi- cal books that might be referred to as “Mass book” (missale in Latin). For the priest’s use only, in late medieval times when it had become customary in the West for priests to celebrate Mass without the assis- tance of a choir and other ministers. It is challenging to pinpoint the first missal’s precise roots.

As a result of Johannes Gutenberg’s creation of the printing machine,
the first Missale Romanum emerged in 1474. However, Pope Pius V did not publish a version of the Missale Romanum that was to be used as the standard in the Latin Church until after the Council of Trent, in 1570. This was the first time in the Church’s history that an official effort was made to standardize the celebration of Mass.