“Inner Bitch”

"The writers at Inner Bitch demanded that women empower themselves. They wanted women to own their sexuality, ignore society’s wishes for straight hair and smooth legs, and defend themselves violently against men. In order to release one’s 'inner bitch,' the zine prescribes everything from an 'Inner Bitch Makeover' to 'Top 10 Things to Do With a Severed Penis.' Perhaps unsurprisingly, given its aggressive hatred of men, Inner Bitch only ever circulated two issues....Despite their obvious differences, Spare Rib and Inner Bitch engage in one dialogue. Both publications discuss the pressure of beauty standards, how media portrayal of women 'perpetuates sexual inequality.' Both touch upon the issue of sexual assault, blaming 'the boys of Webster Avenue' for making social spaces unsafe for women. And both Spare Rib and Inner Bitch encourage women to seek their own pleasure in bed, rather than merely satisfying their partners. The newspaper and zine explore many other topics, as well, each trying to guide women as they navigate Dartmouth’s intensely male culture."—https://raunerlibrary.blogspot.com/2018/01/voices-of-dissent-dartmouth-feminists.html