Punk publication archive


The site includes downloadable copies of the following publications. 

SLASH, Los Angeles, CA
1977 - 1980, 29 issues [complete]

NO MAG, Los Angeles, CA
1978 - 1985, 14 issues [complete]

DAMAGE, San Francisco, CA
1979 - 1981, 13 issues [complete]

1980 - 1984, first 50 issues [partial]

(Note that these are large files and take considerable time to download.)

From site (Ryan Richardson):

Circulation Zero is an experiment, my attempt to "give back" by parlaying the preservation of some beloved punk publications into a greater good. My hope is that the original creators will not only enjoy seeing their work resuscitated but will also appreciate the fact that their work is helping generate donations to worthy causes. The site is also an attempt to answer some questions that bounce around in my head. Are collections better off inside institutional libraries or in the hands of collectors? Should ancient in-fighting prevent bringing the punk print hey-day to a new generation? Should eggshell walking over copyright issues cock-block oldsters from taking a whirl on the wayback machine? Can a world chock full of entitled interweb denizens be trusted to donate even a pittance in exchange for a treasure trove of never-before-digitized fanzines? I don't know the answers but hopefully Circulation Zero will prove my hunches correct.