“Woman at Work”

"Renowned British graphic designer and typographer Margaret Calvert has released her first print, playing on her iconic work for the UK’s road signs with Woman at Work. Originally created by Calvert in 2008 as a canvas piece, and now developed with and screenprinted by London’s Jealous Gallery, the print uses the same style of her pictograms for the original road signs designed in the 1960s, particularly “Man at Work” – depicting a man digging, usually used to denote roadworks. The new artwork is a redesigned version of this ubiquitous image, reimagining it with a female, longer-haired, skirt-wearing worker."— https://www.itsnicethat.com/news/margaret-calvert-woman-at-work-print-jealous-gallery-london-original-print-fair-graphic-design-270418
“Woman at Work” 1
“Woman at Work” 2
“Woman at Work” 3