Dutch Graphic Design: 1918–1945


Exhibition Catalog for Dutch Graphic Design: 1918–1945 exhibition held in the Bakalar Gallery,  Massachusetts College of Art, September–November 1994

The exhibition was based on the book Dutch Graphic Design: 1918–1945, written by Alston W. Purvis and published in 1992. The exhibition was curated by Alston W. Purvis and Elizabeth Resnick and installed in the Bakalar Gallery,  Massachusetts College of Art, September–November 1994. The catalog was printed offset by Pride Printers, Woburn, Massachusetts, on Strathmore Elements 80lb text. 

In a glowing review of the exhibition, Boston Globe art critic Christine Temin called it “a visually stunning exhibition.” The exhibition provided a very unique opportunity to view works from private collections—collectors from both Holland and the U.S. agreed to lend us their treasures, in particular the work of Piet Zwart, Paul Schuitema, R.H. Roland Holst, Williem Sandburg and H. N. Werkman. The exhibition included over 200 posters, books, and pamphlets, many of which had never been exhibited in the U.S.  


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Exhibition catalog