“Whatever” #48 Zine Cover


This cover was made for the 48th edition of the "Whatever" LGBT community zine. The whole cover is hand illustrated and hand scripted, which makes this design rather well detailed. The text of the title is made to look like a stone arc in the background, and the attention to detail still makes the text appear as stone while still being easily legible. The main focus of the cover is placed on the two woman figures in the front, with three loyal looking beasts that stand by their sides. Both of the women in the cover are wearing a minimal amount of clothing. The style of their attire seems akin to the stereotype of attractive alien women from another world, reminiscent of sci-fi characters like Barbarella, Queen of the Galaxy and Thuvia, Maid of Mars. The beasts that stand beside the women look very reptilian in nature, but without seeing more than just their heads, it's hard to see what exactly the beasts could be.