Levi’s “Evolution” commercial

"The concept for this mind-bending and, at the time, controversial, ad originated with creative director Blum, of the San Francisco agency Honig, Cooper, and Harrington, who worked closely with copywriter Mike Koelker. (Blum and Koelker often worked with Robert Abel and Associates on the design and production of many of Levi’s most acclaimed commercials.) It was Endemann, however, a young commercial artist with a studio around the corner, who got the call to propose and illustrate a number of characters based on a question: if man had turned out differently, where and how would he wear his pants? Endemann let her fantasies run amok and came up with such witty concoctions as Buck Man, who had Levis for antlers. (Sadly, many of these characters got left on the proverbial cutting-room floor.) After the selection of key images for animation, Endemann went down to Los Angeles to supervise the cel drawings at Spungbuggy, one of the 'hot' animation studios."—Louise Sandhaus, Earthquakes, Mudslides, Fires & Riots: California and Graphic Design, 1936-1986, pp. 186