Colossal Poster Series

"'In the spirit of avant-garde composers who used visual form and words to make sound, for these posters that process is turned around a bit; a spoken text is used to make the visual sound-compositions. And I'm working as a designer-typographer rather than a musician or composer. So: grid, baselines, sequencing, letterforms, and words intended to be looked at.' The posters will be a part of the exhibition 'Signs of Our Times: Text Based Art in the 21st Century,' October 10 - November 11 at Southeastern Louisiana University, Southeastern Contemporary Art Gallery. Each 30" x 20" edition of 10 was printed on 3 paper color variations: light pink, light green, and warm white French Paper. A huge thank you to Nikk Muhammed for all of his printing help."—
Colossal Poster Series 1
Colossal Poster Series 2
Colossal Poster Series 3
Colossal Poster Series 4