Handmade dolls for Textiles & Objects

"Neuhart began making these dolls in 1957, first for her sons and nieces and then for friends. Initially simple forms, they became more embellished over the next few years, and it was one of these later dolls that Neuhart gave to Ray Eames, her husband’s employer, for Christmas in 1959. According to Neuhart, Eames declared in a letter the following September that “Sandro has to see these for the T&O shop!”—a reference to designer Alexander Girard, who was preparing to open his legendary New York–based store, Textiles & Objects, which combined folk art and other handmade goods with the modern designs of the Michigan based Knoll company. Girard responded by asking Neuhart to create a hundred dolls in time for Christmas. Shocked at first by the size of the order, Marilyn agreed, with the understanding that each doll would be different. She met her deadline and the dolls sold out, becoming popular enough to appear in many magazine articles and—in the highest form of flattery—be copied by other producers. Eventually, Neuhart developed 19 different dolls." –Louise Sandhaus, Earthquakes, Mudslides, Fires & Riots: California and Graphic Design 1936-1986
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