Industrial Revolution3 Typography14 Sonoma2 cut-outs3 Josephine Irwin2 punk rock11 Ray Allen2 Greetings Cards6 Essay(s)7 The Diggers Archive2 Aaron Koblin5 balsa wood3 York2 Magazine Cover34 Walter Benjamin2 Don Campbell2 Booklet21 Ringling Bros4 Saint Louis4 Exhibition Catalog13 Hayward8 Anecdotes4 collection of Brockett Horne11 radical printing7 Film/Video9 Magazine210 Berkeley Springs47 Cincinnati7 Stanley Mouse2 Black Star Publishing2 Holiday Card5 Swiss Punk2 Board Game1 Zine8 Marget Larsen10 Ellen Pyle3 35mm film3 screens3 Brochure28 promotional poster16 Harry Volk Jr.17 Jeri Heiden4 Baltimore6 photocopy1 printing manual6 Drag Queen3 Dorthea Hofmann5 Photo24 Art Institute of Chicago2 Announcement2 grunge10 Identity System4 Denmark2 Glasgow (UK)6 Venice2 Periodical58 North Carolina4 Bob Maier6 Wayne Kimbell2 Maria Gallace4 Economics2 Personal Collection of David Mayes5 Mexico City6 Hanover2 V&A Permanent Collection 2 Berkeley2 Warp 2 Ann Arbor14 Publication cover27 Philadelphia2 Angel de Cora6 Inge Druckrey4 Clip Art Publication2 Fabric4 Postage Stamp21 Sketches2 Wes Wilson6 School Catalog2 didactic2 Socialist Workers Party3 Black Star and Detroit Printing Co-op2 Phototypesetting3 pencil11 digital photography1 The Museum of Modern Art (NYC) 7 Albany8 Poster Concepts2 Black Feminism2 Community Print Shoppe8 Personal archive of Danielle Aubert.68 RIT Library3 Massimo and Lella Vignelli Papers3 Poster/Map3 US Government Printing Office4 Mike Schulman3 Format unknown1 Mailing Label1 Ticket9 Detroit91 Min Choi2 Archie Boston 2 Watch2 gig poster8 Emblem1 Experimental Film10 California159 Service Design3 Věra Nováková4 Brooklyn2 Scotland3 Process71 From the book, The Art of Rock3 Paper sticker2 maximalism6 metal3 Family Dog6 repetition3 Wolfgang Weingart2 New York249 bumper sticker3 Bruno Monguzzi2 Washington Court House28 stained glass1 Drawing9 International Paper Company2 New Orleans42 Glasgow / Aberdeen2 aluminum2 1-color printing49 Eli Kince2 Москва, "Просвещение"2 CSU Northridge Library 143 Personal archive of Lorraine Perlman.14 The Wolfsonian FIU Object Collection3 Multimedia Installation1 Japan26 Richard Taylor2 El Paso Texas2 Muriel Cooper2 Brochure/fold-out4 Archive9 Drawn by Robert Williams4 Stephen Coles2 German Design11 Wolfgang Weingart10 Robin Farquharson2 Charlotte23 Environmental Design4 Rock & roll10 Springfield2 Santa Monica2 European Design7 summer workshop9 wicca2 Pleasantville17 Paul Buhle12 Greece2 Comic Book17 Paul Schifino4 Ikeda Hiroo4 ceramic1 Photograph44 Logotype16 Herbert Matter3 Klaus Wittkugel2 Susan Sellers2 Softcover Book12 personal collection of Louise Sandhaus17 Asian4 Hamburg2 Lacmalac2 Signage15 Peter Stone9 Marion Sampler5 England6 Sweden/France2 Fishing2 Pin6 Annual Report2 Tomoko Miho6 Games6 website13 Mexico28 Kyle Seidenbaum2 Nancy Skolos2 Alan Marshall2 Card21 Jewish National Fund2 16mm film9 Getty Research Institute2 Title sequence28 Gene Laurents2 Alexey Brodovitch2 Allen Cohen2 Sargent’s Daughters Gallery3 Trading Cards4 Adams/Morioka2 Video20 Sales Kit1 Glasswork1 Davis2 China3 Digital Wallpaper2 Plays2 anti-nuclear5 George Smith4 Yi Eok-yeong2 Seattle13 Letter9 Havana7 Barnum Bailey Circus5 Book Plates1 Kalamazoo3 gelatin silver print2 John Maeda2 Hans U Allemann2 Tiles1 ABC 3 Logo54 Hardcover Book2 Free Print Shop9 Blog Post1 silk-screen1 Scotland26 Anti-Gay2 Gere Kavanaugh personal collection 2 software1 San Franciso, California4 Personal Collection of Briar Levit10 Thomas Miller11 Media Laboratory2 Playbill3 4-color printing7 Eiko Ishioka6 newsprint4 comfort food3 South Korea26 ABC-TV8 Viking Press (New York) 2 PR2 Tarot Cards5 Alexis Gelber2 John Urie and Associates2 Typewriter1 Delano16 comic1 Geoff Kaplan3 David Consuegra4 cut paper4 Ralph Franklin22 chromolithograph3 Tom Deja5 Medu Art Ensemble4 Soviet Union22 Collage9 visual culture2 David King4 Bailey Circus3 Richard Mehl3 Austin30 Transcript4 Currency4 complexity2 Federal Art Project2 Michael Hirsch14 Print Magazine 3 Liverpool3 alternative press syndicate2 Shimizu Tomohisa3 Margo Halverson6 Classes2 Tokyo9 designer unknown5 letterpress printing43 Document12 MSIGD8 canvas3 exhibition in São Paulo3 Philip A. Seitz2 Music Design25 ReVerb2 Valencia, CA2 Lois Mailou Jones9 Gif1 Advertising110 Flag5 watercolor17 Amy Suo Wu4 Drukkerij Rosbeek, The Netherlands2 Photo(s)59 Rudy Vanderlans4 Protest Sign4 Rudolph de Harak2 music scores2 Denver Art Museum2 Spray Paint2 Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York3 Boston44 Journal18 Promotional Film1 The Hague2 Airlines8 Sean Adams6 AIGA5 Usa14 Newsletter4 Andi Zeisler4 Presentation5 Betty Brader3 Scottish Design38 Kit Hinrichs2 New York City31 Yakov Guminer2 Black & Red and Radical America2 French Design31 MISGD3 Wanda Gág2 Treaty1 Nike5 Flyer/poster14 Pixels3 vellum2 Andrew Doucette6 James Ridgeway9 Leaflet3 Gere Kavanaugh16 Book19 San Diego10 community action23 Print34 New York City21 Smithsonian American Art Museum3 photolithograph4 Herbert Temple3 Fine Art6 Faith Ringgold16 Underground Papers33 Wolfe2 Margo Halverson11 Graphis Archive25 Aleksei Kruchenykh6 Luis Dairla2 Seed Publishing11 Tokyo International, Japan8 Dallas, Texas3 Women's Liberation5 Lorraine Wild14 Margery Davies7 Olga Rozanova9 Shigeo Ogawa2 Lettering3 Bo Burlingham9 Chicago72 Textiles10 Stephen Tashjian5 Paris8 undergound papers3 AIGA4 Product18 Book Spread4 Portland, OR2 Podcast1 Personal collection of Michael Pinto5 Website46 Victorian9 Sewn1 Canada4 Jacqueline Casey8 silk-screen65 ink48 food packaging6 Valencia2 Oil2 Gravestone2 Colombia2 juice2 Portland Maine6 Woodside2 Finished work3706 Toy6 Supergraphics6 Hollywood2 hardcore10 Macau3 Rochester2 Traditional Animation3 Juliette Bellocq7 kids14 Libertarian socialism3 Brazil4 MECA2 diagrams1 Book264 Okinawa5 France11 Lloyd McNeill3 Marvel3 Broadside1 Manchester (UK)2 Symphony2 Program3 Occupy Wall Street2 Marilyn Churchill2 Alabama3 Peter Collier16 Blog Post1 Douglas Municipal Airport4 Willardson2 Poster697 John E. Ricklefs2 Graduate Thesis3 St. Louis4 Maine College of Art2 Norman Sandhaus2 Circus Science2 embroidery2 Design Quarterly Journal1 Icons2 radical technology2 Sodei Rinjiro3 Coaster4 Kitazawa Yoko6 Systems Design4 Sticker29 Atlantic Records?2 Mount Vernon4 Environmental Graphics3 Miami4 Fabric Document Holder1 Digital Archive6 3-color printing2 Louise Sandhaus (Private collection)2 Stencil Duplication1 Stencil Type5 Portland, Oregon17 San Francisco117 Yale Brissago2 Software culture2 Okinawa2 Information Graphics13 printing6 Berlin4 Fine Arts AKI4 Black Panther Party2 Situationist International4 Aberdeen People's Press26 School Assignment1 Skolos3 Catalog36 Email5 United States38 Typography Workshops4 Rhode Island4 Eugene Winslow8 Photography15 Typeface15 Joseph Magnin Department Store5 Barbara Glauber2 experimental typography6 USSR4 RCA Camden2 4-color process3 Latin American3 Playing Cards2 Amsterdam3 New Mexico2 offset lithography277 Juliette Belocq3 community press30 Henry Miller2 beverage7 Jamie Reid2 women's suffrage4 Graffiti1 W. E. B. Du Bois5 Atlanta12 Interstitial Cards3 Pablo Ferro6 Symbol2 Harry Smith5 Fort Lewis2 Marlo Montano3 Handbill2 Letterhead7 Hanoi5 Los Angeles93 Oak View2 Figurative2 Archive115 Vladimir Stenberg3 Film Set Dressing1 Illustration89 diner2 Harper Torchbooks3 AGI2 Art Center Library84 Söre Popitz4 Germany10 Mystical5 minimalism6 Saki Mafundikwa2 Dyer/Kahn2 metal foil3 Goldsholl Design Associates4 Research & Writing site1 Alan Bell5 Presentation2 Ishu Patel2 A.R.T. Press2 Banner4 Digital archive and resource2 Matchbox1 Basel Switzerland6 Union6 Naive3 Atlantic Records2 New York Public Library Menu Collection2 Moscow7 Library2 gouache13 Tadanori Yokoo5 Opera2 Linda Gordon10 democratization of design120 digital42 Oakland9 Hard Cover Book with Slipcase1 Jack Roberts2 George Clinton2 Don McKelvey2 Brick2 Book Cover20 Film Titles7 2-color printing34 Tamotsu Yagi2 Pen and Ink4 Bulgaria3 Louise Sandhaus35 metal type4 Print Ad3 Press Release1 Software1 Satyajit Ray3 Wrapping Paper2 Alexander Girard4 Collection of Holland Festival 2 Ramsey Oppenheim & Robert E. Wade5 Frances Butler14 Library of Congress4 Woodblock printing12 paper245 guns4 Emmett McBain14 Personal collection of Ed Fella2 Jeff Doud2 with pictures by Vee Guthrie2 1964 Olympics4 Egypt2 The Black Panther Party 3 Nancy Donald3 Funkadelic3 Two Twelve Associates4 Meme1 stencil printed2 Massachusetts7 Steven McCarthy3 Self-published2 dry transfer type38 Map2 Social Impact2 Evian2 MECA2 Womanhood2 Neumarket Design Associates2 Manchester (UK)2 animation1 Visual Communication2 Women and health2 London (UK)10 Antonio Martorell2 London20 NASAD4 Lego2 broadsheet4 Mosaic2 Stencil1 Herman "Kofi" Bailey2 Birth Announcement2 Sign9 Ken Nordine3 Typography7 Ballot1 Milwaukee16 UCLA Library163 Kansas City Missouri2 mixed media1 Online Exhibition1 Invitation15 Mexico Olympics 19682 Interior4 Game1 Mount Vernon New York2 Jeffrey Keedy3 Hendrik Petrus Berlage2 1980s color palette3 Democratizatin of Design2 magazines18 National Museum of American History3 Notebook1 Denver10 Worker6 digital printing4 Ken Hiebert2 Brissago2 Marilyn and John Neuhart10 Edinburgh5 serigraph31 Cheryl Miller Design Inc.2 User Interface4 Envelopes3 Cards11 Aberdeen (UK)10 Pamphlet27 Social Revolution3 Bentley/Farrell/Burnett2 Video Game6 Thomas Wedell2 Man Ray2 Archigram2 Business Card4 labour history2 Indian Design7 Craig Hodgetts4 Collection of Cooper Hewitt 3 Postcard37 California State University Northridge 2 students5 Somerville3 Lou Stovall4 Cybernetics3 Model1 Ed Thrasher5 glass3 Bauhaus2 Japanese Language69 Amos Paul Kennedy Jr.3 Political theatre2 Gloria Steinem2 Warren Chappell2 San Francisco Bay Area7 Body2 Cooper-Hewitt Museum2 Airport5 Motion Graphics100 Correspondence25 Gabe Katz2 Faculty Curriculum2 Melle Hammer2 Flyer42 Interview23 Charlotte, NC6 Calendar10 Logo Evolution2 Letterform Design2 Mailer4 19th century4 Mainstream magazine2 Cooper Hewitt 8 Sue Coe9 Map11 Ginn & Company Athenaeum Press2 drawing2 Ann Gordon3 Deborah Mclean2 Letterform Archive2 Samina Quraeshi2 Frank Brodhead14 Jim Ford3 oil on canvas10 Photogram2 Newspaper938 Charles C. Dawson2 Exhibition11 Graffiti1 Switzerland5 Holland2 Elliot Earls2 illustration2 prototype2 Post Stamp2 Scanlan's magazine2 Charles B. Melcher2 screen printing2 Cover by John Romita2 Report1 woodcut3 Finished Work2 rachel2 MoMA Collection 4 giclée3 Radical social work4 Climate Change4 Velimir Khlebnikov2 Varvara Stepanova19 Jim Fitts2 Mark O'Conner4 Button13 Archive/Collection7 Rebecca Martinez2 Bus Passes2 Muto Ichiyo6 Sylvia Harris6 Packaging48 Student Union3 Invoice2 Menu4 Advertisement56 Sketch23 Marxism3 writing system1 Mercury Records3 Momax3 Database2 Sheet Music1 Variations2 1984 Olympics2 7:84 Theatre Company2 David Palladini2 Lucille Tenazas2 Egyptian2 lithography44 dry transfert type4 Installation9 Syllabus7 Visual Identity7 Ojai2 California Institute of the Arts3 Hans Allemann2 James Cross2 Western Airlines, Long Beach Airport3 Record Sleeve4 Type Specimen2 Slovenia2 Article502 Aberdeen (Scotland)38 Ukiah6 Article(s)148 Bengali Language2 Publication75 Italy3 Culver City3 Marilyn Neuhart4 container2 Russia7 British Feminism2 Aberdeen2 Netherlands17 Mexican Folkways2 Barbara Jones-Hogu3 community newspaper42 Audio file13 Aberdeen2 staple bound54 South Africa5 TV Commercial1 Long Beach3 Student Work2 Modern Design Museum2 Ken Garland & Associates3 Fabric1 Sam Stark2 Harlem2 Lecture2 OSPAAAL3 Poster/Leaflet2 rock concert4 acrylic5 Louise E. Jefferson9 tools2 Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico Collection2 Louise Sandhaus personal collection 115 Memos3 United Kingdom33 Brissago3 Hagley Digital Archives2 Julie Marable2 El Salvador3 Charles Moore2 video2 Barbara "Bobbie" Stauffacher Solomon3 Bag1 Mural7 Anthology Film Archives5 Interview36 Album Art105 DIY24 photography7 Logotype7 Cincinnati Ohio4 Push Pin Studio2 Memo9