1977 Coke 75th Anniversary Bottle 


Coke produced a bottle in honor of the 75th anniversary. It is an all-glass bottle with an aluminum screw cap. This specific bottle was purchased in Mobile, Alabama. On the front of the bottle, a graphic that reads "Coca-Cola Co Atlanta, GA Bottled Under Authority of the Commemorative Bottle" is shown. The back of the bottle features the 75th-anniversary graphic found only on these coke bottles. The back of the bottle reads, "75th Anniversary 1902-75 years of bottled refreshment-1977 Coca-Cola Bottling Company, Inc.- Mobile, ALA. No deposit. No refill".

This graphic design archive shows the evolution of product packaging and household packaging. In today's society, it is hard to find a glass coke bottle, making this item a great piece of American graphic design and advertising archive. The design elements shown on the bottle release a sense of time, which allows you to recognize that this is a vintage piece automatically. 

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