7-Up “Bubbles” (Uncola 60)

"'Bubbles' broke the mold for television commercials, ending the Madison Avenue era of Big Idea liveaction spots and ushering in extravaganzas inspired by pop graphics and psychedelia....Richard Taylor, the first graphic designer hired at Abel’s firm, had worked on light shows during the rock ‘n’ roll heyday. This experience informed his provocative visual contributions to the manipulations of color and light in the 'Bubbles' spot, a psychedelic morphing of 7UP’s original red-and-green bubble-tossing girl into a chorus line and a neon butterfly. This extravaganza of technique, including the complex integration of rotoscoped live-action dancers and hand-drawn animation, evolved into the much-lauded 'candy-apple neon' effect—a chromelike glowing aura surrounding a graphic image or type—for which the studio became widely known."—Louise Sandhaus, Earthquake, Mudslide, Fires & Riots : California and Graphic Design, 1936-1986, p 184-185