Marvel Star Wars Comic, Issue 85


The original Star Wars comic series was produced by Marvel Comics from 1977 to 1986. When being proposed to Stan Lee, the comic adaptation was to only have six volumes published. This was due to the unpopular sales of movie-related comics at the time, and Lee started a publishing agreement to have no royalties to Lucasfilms unless they achieved 100,000 sold comics. Within the first year of the comics being produced the former editor-and-chief, Jim Shooter credited the series for saving Marvel financially. These comics quickly became one of the top-selling series in the industry and Marvel produced a total of 107 issues. Excluding the first six issues, the rest focused on side quests and stories of the main characters. This issue, number 85, follows the story of Chewbacca getting attacked by bounty hunters while in route to Chewbacca’s family. Lando and Han have to protect Chewbacca against the herd of bounty hunters after them. The visual contrast of the main three against the bounty hunters allows for there to be a spot-light effect. There is a blue tint on all of the hunters, making it seem like there is a giant mass that is after the three in color. The back of the comic features an advertisement for Atari computers and video games.

Marvel Star Wars Comic, Issue 85 1
Source: AL, USA
Marvel Star Wars Comic, Issue 85 2
Source: AL, USA