Vintage American Airlines Playing Cards


Vintage American Airlines Playing Cards from the 70s. The packaging has the color block American Airlines logotype repeated numerous times on both sides. The cards inside look similar to a classic deck of cards but it also has the repeated American Airlines logotype on the backside. Playing cards were given out by the airlines to keep the passengers entertained during the flight. They are not as common anymore but some airlines are still reported to give out cards if requested.

The logotype was designed by Massimo Vignelli and Heinz Waibl in 1967. The logotype is set in plain and legible Haas Helvetica and split half red and half blue, to use the colors of the USA’s national identity. They wanted to make one word of American Airlines since there were no other logos then that were two colors of the same word. They approached the decision by logic and took the space away and split it by color.