The recording of the music at Woodstock was a challenge of unprecedented scope and complexity requiring a level of endurance from both man and machine previously unheard of in location recording.  The music and sounds in this album were selected from 64 reels of 8 track tape recorded over a period of three and a half days in three continuous 18 hour sessions.  

The album cover was a candid photo taken of. couple at the festival Photographer, Burk Uzzle has recalled walking around looking for a good shot and seeing the couple stand up and hug, kiss and smile at each other, before Bobbi leaned her head on Nick’s shoulder. The Ercolines themselves don’t remember anything about the photo being taken, but they remember the wooden staff with a plastic butterfly on it left by a Californian named Herbie who hung out with them briefly before leaving the staff, which is seen at the left-hand side the photo, behind with them.

Most of all, they tell people, they look at the image of themselves wrapped up together in a blanket as a symbol of Woodstock having been “hopeful” and “peaceful” and “filled with love and sharing.”