El Secertario de Los Amantes (The Lover's Assistant)


A sheet from a small booklet printed/published by Antonio Vanegas Arroyo with engravings by José Guadalupe Posada (possibly Manuel Manilla).

This is one of more than one printing. Not clear which.


“Antonio Vanegas Arroyo was born in Puebla, Mexico around 1850; in 1867 he moved to Mexico City; he later established a printing house, and before the turn of the century issued a series of small theatrical works which were put in his Galería de Teatro Infantil; some of his publications had the advantage of being illustrated by José Guadalupe Posada; between them they produced Perico el incorregible, Casa de vecindad and Celos de negro con don Folías ; Vanegas Arroyo published the journals La gaceta callejera, El boletín, El jicote, El teatro, El centavo perdido, and others; he also published the Secretario de los amantes.”



“Posada left his small village of Aquascalientes, where he had attended a drawing academy, to become an apprentice lithographer in Mexico City. He had shown a talent for engraving, which he originally did on wood. In Mexico City, he opened a small shop where he did commercial illustrations. In 1887, he joined the Antonio Vanegas Arroyo Publishing House, doing illustrations for a wide variety of printed publications, many of which had editions in the thousands.”