Soviet Map Booklet of the State Hermitage Museum in Leningrad (St. Petersburg)


This is a booklet of maps and photos of the State Hermitage Museum, including the Winter Palace, given to visitors in July 1966.

Excerpt from the introduction (via Google Translate):

"At present, the State Hermitage has more than forty permanent and several temporary exhibitions. The exhibitions present cultural monuments and works of art from ancient times to the present day. All these exhibitions are located in four buildings, united by internal bridges and representing a single museum complex. It includes: the Winter Palace and the buildings of the Small, Old and New Hermitages built at different times to accommodate art collections. Buildings, and especially the Winter Palace, are complex in their layout, and therefore the use of schematic plans for the location of departments and exhibitions will greatly facilitate and speed up the inspection of the museum. In doing so, keep in mind the following:

1. The plan of buildings is shown schematically in lines, without windows. The exhibition halls of all departments have a single sequential numbering common to the four buildings of the museum.

2. Showroom numbers are usually located above the doorways.

3. You should correctly keep the plan in front of you, in the direction of movement through the halls of the museum. In this case, it is recommended to use the landmarks indicated along the perimeter of the plan and visible from the windows of the exhibition halls: the Neva River, the Winter Canal, Palace Square and the Winter Palace Square (from the side of the Admiralty).

4. Halls and galleries of all exhibitions of one department of the museum are shown on the plans in one color. The listing of the exhibitions included in this section, with indication of the numbers of the rooms where these exhibitions are located, is printed on the right against the background of the same color that the section is marked on the plan itself."

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