The Chicago Gay Crusader, Issue 2 (June 1973)


From the bookseller, Bloomsbury Books in Las Vegas, NV:

“The second issue of the short-lived and historically important gay liberation newspaper (only 26 issues were published during the years 1973–75). A folded newspaper, as issued, when unfolded contains 16 pages including front and rear covers. Primarily focused on the gay community of Chicago, Illinois, highlights include:

  • headline article, ‘Announcing Gay Pride Week 1973’
  • cover photograph from 1969 of gay men [and transwomen] at the Stonewall Inn, New York
  • article, ‘History of Gay Pride Week’
  • full-page advertisement for the 1973 Chicago Gay Pride Week
  • news article, ‘Repeal of Anti-Transvestite Ordinance Proposed’
  • spoof, ‘Ask Ann Slanders’
  • short news article, ‘Charles Pierce wows Chicago’ (with three fabulous photos)
  • much more.”


I purchased this publication from Bloomsbury Books (not the publisher, but the specialist bookseller in Las Vegas, NV) in 2016. It has a stamp indicating that it was the office copy of Advocate Publications, with hand-written notations at the top of the front cover, showing that it was routed amongst the Advocate staff. 


According to Sukie de la Croix, regular columnist for the Chicago-based weekly LGBTQ newspaper, The Windy City Times:

“The first issue of the publication the Chicago Gay Crusader appeared in May 1973 and was the city's first successful attempt at producing a serious gay newspaper.” (


This issue  includes  a number of political articles covering legislation, protests, organizing meetings, and recent events in the queer liberation movement. The newspaper also includes many advertisements for Chicago gay pride events, gay bars, advocacy organizations, and sister publication Lavender Woman: The Lesbian Publication of Chicago (shown in detail).