Copy of Good Luck Girls

Good Luck Girls is a page out of Ted Inman’s flash art book. Mr.Inman served in our US navy for several years. After he returned home from overseas he opened up his tattoo studio called “Ted’s Tattoo Studio”. It was the first tattoo studio to receive a business license in Georgia. He continued to tattoo for over 40 years, creating patriotic tattoos for sailors who wanted to forever commemorate their country. His studio became a hang out place for bikers, outlaws, pirates, criminals, and sailors who had a romanticism for rebellion and anarchy. The women shown in this piece of flash art are some Hispanic and Caucasian pin up girls that boosted the morale of the American agenda. The one saying “Good Luck” in the upper left-hand corner would potentially be a tattoo given to a sailor or soldier who wanted good luck when going out to defend and represent their country.