Cover of Graphis, Vol. 19, Issue 106

"André François, who designed the cover fo this number, was born in Rumania in 1915. He studied painting and drawing at the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris before receiving instruction in advertising art propoer from A.M. Cassandre.... Speaking of his design for the cover of Graphis 106, André François told us: 'When Walter Herdeg asked me to design the next Graphis cover, I was just working on a series of pictures on sheet iron in which i wanted to catch the atmosphere of a fair. When I was fixing the separate silhouette of the head on the white ground, the stapler in my hand turned into the gun of a shooting-range. Out of sheer curioisity and love of experiment I kept on shooting staples into the head and round about it. Before I was aware of it, I had produced a structure, a piece of anatomy' The design is thus more or lesss a product of chance, half serious, half facetious, which the artist—as he tells us—is not thinkging of repeating."—Graphis, Issue 106, pp. 86