IADDB (international advertising & design database)

"The not for profit foundation the International Advertising & Design DataBase was founded in the Netherlands in 2014 as an hommage to Dr Sachs and carries on where he, due to the circumstances of the times, had to stop. It is the goal of the Foundation to publicize as much information as possible through the IADDB and to ask the public to actively participate by adding images, names, dates and all other kinds of information. The database starts with but is not limited to posters. Posters are just part of a campaign, that in the old days would include newspaper advertisements, poster stamps, handbills, packaging, etc. etc. Nowadays an advertising campaign would not be complete without commercials on radio and TV as well as on social media. As copyrights get into the way of publishing those newer ways of advertising the IADDB will start with material, posters magazines etc., that as far as the foundation could establish are free from copyrights. Rightful owners of copyrights to anything published by the IADDB are urged to step forward so the board can address the matter prudently."—https://magazines.iaddb.org
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