Rave Art

This comes from Chelsea Louise Berlin's new book, Rave Art: Flyers// Invitations and Membership Cards from the Birth of Acid House clubs and raves. "Rave culture originated in small, sweaty clubs and grew into enormous events with tens of thousands of people. Acid House music and ecstasy were the driving forces behind a global phenomenon that still reverberates today in music, fashion, and art. Chelsea Louise Berlin was there from the start of the London rave scene, attending many of the now legendary events, from Club Shroom to Energy and beyond. This book documents that movement through the flyers, membership cards, and promotional material that was handed out freely (often privately) to inform partygoers of the next venue. Flyer design became an art form, and hundreds of the most significant and rare examples from Chelsea's huge collection are reproduced inside."—Mark Moore

Chelsea Louise Berlin: Rave Art

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