“San Francisco’s Seventh Annual”

"Showcases the work from the annual design show in San Francisco in. This article gives an explanation of the show, “San Francisco’s Seventh Annual” that took place during May of 1955. What made this show unique is that it was the result of the effort of two teams: the Art Directors Club of San Francisco and the Artists Club of San Francisco. The entries for the show were submitted anonymously, then 1,300 of these pieces were sent to Los Angeles for screening. The result was a show of 200 pieces. The jury was made up of men from New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco. There was a special award given out this year, the “client award” medal, given to Mr. Fred Tredway for his work with Southern Pacific Railroad." —Research and scan by Eva Cordtz for Graphic Design Treasure Hunt assignment in Shirin Rabin’s graphic design history course, CalState North, 2016.