“That was Then, and This is Now: But What is Next?“

"The following essay is based on the transcript of a talk that I gave at 101: The Future of Design Education in the Context of Computer-Based Media, a symposium organized by Louise Sandhaus and presented at the Jan van Eyck Akademie in Maastricht, The Netherlands, in November of 1995. It is highly speculative, and reading it now, I think that some of the conditions that I describe have already shifted, but that is the nature of the speed of change that confronts us. I was simply trying to capture and describe the moment that we educators and practitioners are in right now. (You blink, and it has changed). I wish to thank the Jan van Eyck Akademie for giving me the assignment and the time to collect and record my thoughts."—https://www.emigre.com/Essays/Magazine/ThatwasThenandThisisNowButWhatisNext