Nihon Buyo theater poster


Nihon Buyo (Japanese Buyo Dance) was made by, Ikko Tanaka. It is a offset lithograph poster that was made to publicize the United States tour of a Japanese performing group for the Asian Performing Arts Institute of the UCLA. 

Tanaka uses a continuous tone offset printing process for the poster and it is 730mm. 

Geometric shapes make up the Japanese Woman, with three black, cut squares making up her hair, and two half, black circles for her eyes. There are 3 bright and differently colored squares that make up her kimono and a large blue circle for her hair accessory. The rectangle making up her face is white with red circles to brighten her eyes and lips as makeup. 

There is a plain nude background with horizontally strait,  justified black text in the top left of the poster. The information being very legible and clean. 

All the visuals fit into a grid and there is good contrast with strong color blocks and a soft background. It is both abstract with geometric forms and modern, showing a simple depiction of Japanese kimono and makeup.  

The poster has strong visual impact and is both traditional and simple. It looks to have be very carefully designed and is quite beautiful. 

Nihon Buyo, Ikko Tanaka, 1981
Nihon Buyo, Ikko Tanaka, 1981