Family Christmas postcard


A well-aged, image dominant, Christmas-themed postcard. This card depicts a happy family gathered around a small Christmas tree in what can be inferred as their living room. A woman holds her smiling daughter in her arms as her husband stands next to them. The image itself showcases a mix of realism and abstraction for its characters. There are subtle hints of surrealism represented through the flattened and abstracted folds of their clothing along with the child’s abnormally large proportions when compared to her parents. Surrounding this image of the family is both a golden embossed frame and two embossed holly branches. Located at the bottom of the postcard a small typographic segment printed in a metallic gold and embossed, wishing the receiver of the postcard “A MERRY CHRISTMAS.” This postcard was printed by the German brand B.W. which was created by Swedish-born designer Brynolf Wennerberg. The condition of the card consists of a natural aging of the paper. It is known when this postcard was printed or shipped.