Rocky Mountain National Park Circle Trip souvenir folder


This Rocky Mountain National Park Circle Trip Souvenir Folder is a beautiful example of printing using halftone printing techniques. It provides amazing views Mount Evans and Echo Lake and other natural wonders of the park. The interior of the souvenir folder also provides a printed map and description of the park. There are nine postcards provided within the interior of the folder.

This souvenir folder is from around the 1936 and was distributed by Curt Teich & Co located in Chicago, Illinois. This company was the largest producer of postcards in the world at the time. 

This souvenir folder documents a time when Americans were beginning to spend more time traveling and taking vacation time. Therefore, the need arose for postcards and souvenir folders to document their trips and send to their loved ones, so they could have a small glimpse into the experiences they had traveling. It also is a testament to the way that nature was able to be preserved for future generations once National Parks were established by the U.S. government.