1987 Eileen West Utica advertisement 


This advertisement radiates elegance in showcasing a luxurious bedding company with finesse. The centerpiece of the ad is a striking photograph featuring a luxurious bed, strategically placed in an asymmetrical layout. Through the window, the serene expanse of water hints at the proximity of this house to the ocean, appealing to wealthy consumers. Notably, the woman depicted wears a long bed gown or slip, which is not very popular in the modern era. These subtle details underscores the target audience's discerning taste and preference for traditional elegance. The bedding itself is a vision of sophistication, adorned in a white color with delicate lace trimmings. Abundant pillows suggest a lifestyle of comfort and abundance, tailored for those who appreciate quality and can afford it. Overlaying the image, the typography exemplifies an elegant serif type, with generous spacing that accentuates the overall aesthetic. The advertisement effortlessly evokes the ambiance of a wealthy coastal living, inviting viewers to indulge in the luxurious lifestyle it embodies.