Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (VHS)


Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home is the fourth movie in the original Star Trek film series based off the original 1966 television series and starring the series's original cast.

This VHS release features a version of the film's poster with the logo removed and placed outside of the poster. The image is placed inside of a blue border, with the rest of the box being a deep purple. Above the poster lies the film's logo recolored to match the blue and purple color palette of the box. The sides of the box have the film's logo in the same colors as the front, along with the barcode or logos of the companies involved in the film depending on the side. The back of the box has a shot from the film aligned where the bottom of the shot matches with the center of the frame. Information about the film's cast, crew, and distributor sit above the shot, alongside another rendition of the film's title in a different color, while a description of the film sits below it.  The very bottom of the back of the box contains the Paramount Pictures logo and copyright information for the film.

The simplistic frame serves to highlight the film's art and the lack of any text highlighting the film's cast showcases a level of confidence in the art and visuals to carry the film's appeal. This VHS represents a level of confidence in the film's success in video that the people producing the VHS felt no need to plaster the individuals involved front and center. The brand recognition of “Star Trek” and the beautiful art was seen as enough to sell the film to home audiences, heavily contrasting a lot of other films at the time.