The Pop Show

"Fred Mogubgub is primarily known for his television advertising work, but he also made underground short films that combined animation, illustration and live action, such as The Pop Show (1966). Mogubgub’s name does not appear in most — if any — texts discussing avant-garde and experimental film made in the late ’60s and early ’70s, even though the Underground Film Journal has found that his work was included in “underground” screenings in 1970."—Mike Everleth Mogubgub was one-time partner in a commercial production enterprise with legendary title designer, Pablo Ferro. The group worked in the heydey of "One-Minute Movies"—TV commercials inspired by the Avant-Garde cinema of the 1960s. These commercials aspired to be more about making memorable work than simply about selling products. Mogubgub, along with Ferro, was know for their rapid-fire montages of still images, of which, The Pop Show, is an exemplary example. This film is a playful celebration, and sometimes jab, at American and British pop culture. Particularly noteworthy, is the inclusion of feminist icon Gloria Steinem who has modeled early in her career. For those interested in the history of motion graphics, The Pop Show, is a wet dream of hand-lettered type and an example of a "designerly" approach to film-filmaking using a multitude of appropriated graphics, live action, and texts that motivate the viewer to keep watching this steady stream of eye-candy and vigorous cultural delights.