Persian Miniature Painting


The painting is signed in Persian by Rohani. Pahlavi period miniaturist "Rohani", is well known for his magnificent workmanship.

The verse written at the bottom right in Persian is based on a poem from "Khosrow and Shirin" by Nizami Ganjavi. 

Barbad established a unique musical system consisting of seven royal (Khosrovan) modes, thirty melodies, and three hundred and sixty equivalent melodies for the days of the week, month, and the year of the Sassanian calendar. Barbad played one of these each day, suitable to prevent Khosrow from tiring of the musical repetitions. Nizami Ganjavi lists the names of the thirty melodies Barbad created for the thirty days of the month in his book "Khosrow and Shirin". The tunes were such that they evoked pleasure, played by Barbad on the sharp strings - It appears the miniature refers to a ceremony of music and dance, with writings in Persian script also visible on the top of the building.