2015 Maryland Film Festival Branding Campaign


The 2015 Maryland Film Festival Branding Campaign by Baltimore creative agency Post Typography features whimsical illustrations of movie reels as ice cream scoops for the festival’s theme of “2015 Flavors of Film.” The ice cream scoops are topped with sprinkles that look like play, pause and fast forward buttons and posters feature grids of colorful circles that represent film genres, including martial arts, spaghetti western and animation. The Maryland Film Festival is an annual tradition celebrating cinema in Baltimore, offering residents opportunities to see world premieres of movies. It also hosts a film selection from the city’s own, director John Waters. Post Typography’s 2015 branding design embodies Baltimore’s eccentric creative scene while referencing popular graphic design trends emblematic of the 2010s. Design aesthetics of the era were inspired by the dominance of web design and featured a return to modernist styles, including simplified designs, sans serifs typefaces and bold colors, all of which are seen in the festival branding campaign. The 2015 campaign highlights Post Typography’s strengths as a creative agency that utilizes modernist design styles as well as playful illustrations. Post Typography has gone on to design other campaigns for the annual festival and branding for the Parkway Theater, which is now home to the Maryland Film Festival.