Der Eigene Issue 1


Der Eigene  was a gay periodical  first published in 1896 in Berlin, Germany. The journal was founded by Adolf Brand, and ran for 36 years before its production was halted by Nazi administration in 1932. The publication featured cultural, artistic, political, and erotic material. The publication originally started out as an anarchist publication, but later refocused in 1903 to promote acceptance of bisexual and homosexual men.

Der Eigene had a large impact on Queer history, as it was the world's first publication that openly catered to homosexual readers. In the context of the publication's title, “Der Eigene” translates to “the own” –– referencing  self-ownership, self-governance, and self-acceptance. 

Adolf Brand handled the majority of the magazine's production; including its editing, designing, and curating ––  even authoring many of the magazine's articles and poetry. Although precise numbers are debated, it is commonly suggested that at its peak, Der Eigene likely had upwards of 1500 subscribers.

This magazine is the earliest example of the gay identity unabashedly being publicized for enjoyment by homosexual readers, and is extremely important when considering the history and impact of Queer Design. Der Eigene even had a recent modern-day resurgence, with luxury luggage brand RIMOWA actually publishing two contemporary issues of Der Eigene for the last two pride months (June 2022 &2023).

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