Add-a-thons Bring Energy to The Archive

Two recent events have resulted in an expansion of unique, relevant new content for The Archive. Ramon Tejada, affable designer with a magic ability to encourage collaboration, hosted a virtual Latinx Add-a-thon in October for community members to upload new works. Ramon guided a vibrant conversation about Latinx design and history as users shared their passion projects and uploaded almost 50 new works.

Many of the works were described during the Disegño Grafico online course about Graphic Design History in LatinX and Hispanic contexts, led by Ramon and Polymode studio. Check out the course here. Explore Latinx and Hispanic design on The People’s Graphic Design Archive with tags. Some treasures include:

Ezhishin, a virtual gathering about Native and Native First Typography hosted by Type Directors Club in November, offered another chance to upload unique materials. Type designer and educator Leo Vicenti hosted an Add-a-thon focused on Native and Indigenous works. Participants discussed some of the challenges of tagging works created by Native communities, imagined which works might be better collected and shared in their own communities Some treasures include:

If you are interested in hosting an Add-a-thon, please email us and we can help you plan an exciting event. Such dynamic gatherings strengthen our community and offer a collective version of history.