How do I find graphic design history in my own community?

Many educators are assigning students research projects to identify local graphic design history. Design communities, such as AIGA chapters are also interested locating and preserving their own histories as well. Knowing where to look for material can be a challenge, but thankfully Professor Tasheka Arecneaux Sutton of North Carolina State University complied this helpful list.

Where and What to Research

  • Publications produced locally
  • Investigate graphic design, graphic arts, publicity, printing-related program or offices in local academic and education institutions. Also researches who teaches, or has taught there
  • Local professional organizations for design, graphic arts, printing
  • Local corporations (research logotype and marketing)
  • Printers
  • Local industries (the heartbeats of a community)
  • Museums
  • Studios, when started, type of work
  • Archivists and librarians
  • Schools & yearbooks
  • Technical education
  • Collectors
  • Flea Markets

Once material is found it can be easily added to The PGDA to preserve it and share it with others. (Our tutorials found in Resources may be helpful: How do I add items to the archive?, How do I document work quickly and easily?, and How do I conduct an interview?)

Compiled by Tasheka Arceneaux Sutton