Hand-Painted and Digital shop signages in New Delhi


The image showcases a cluster of shop signages, offering a fascinating glimpse into the world of graphic design history in this bustling Sadar Bazaar, nestled in the heart of Old Delhi, India's capital city. Sadar Bazaar boasts the distinction of being the largest wholesale market for cosmetics, jewelry, and household items in the area. As you stroll through its lanes, you'll encounter an intriguing mix of shop signages that blend modern flex printing techniques with the artistry of hand-painted creations.

Beyond their functional purpose, these signages carry subtle yet telling insights into the shop owners' economic standing and their openness to adopting new promotional technologies. The fusion of flex printing and hand-painted elements reveals a fascinating interplay between tradition and progress.

Notably, even the hand-painted signages try to imitate the visually striking allure of digitally printed counterparts. Many of these signages feature depictions of the products each shop offers, a marketing tactic that draws attention and entices potential customers. While digital signages offer convenience in adding product images, hand-painted ones demand exceptional craftsmanship and specialized skills to achieve comparable results. It's a captivating visual reflection of the market's dynamic spirit, where tradition harmoniously embraces the possibilities of modernity.