Hand-painted advertising on Mumbai Street Walls


The image shows a hand-painted advertisement on the bustling streets of Mumbai. The Hindi sentence at the top translates to “Clean Mumbai, Beautiful Mumbai.” This captivating advertisement adorns an old wall that has been transformed into a beautiful canvas and aims to promote engineering and medical tuition classes.

What makes this advertisement truly remarkable is that it is likely the work of individuals without formal training in graphic design. Despite this, they have ingeniously employed the principles of design to craft a captivating visual narrative. Not only does it showcase their creativity, but it also reflects their adeptness in leveraging design techniques.

A horizontal grid skillfully manages and aligns the content, lending an orderly and cohesive structure to the advertisement. Through clever use of color and type size, a sense of hierarchy emerges, guiding the viewer's attention. The organization's name is strategically set apart by both a distinctive color and a slab-serif typeface, ensuring it stands out amidst the other content.

Moreover, the designers showcase a keen understanding of typography by employing a mix of All Caps and Small Caps type in the words "Degree" and "Engineering." However, intriguingly, the word "Diploma" deviates from this pattern, prompting curiosity about the owner's intent. Perhaps, it subtly emphasizes the importance of the "Degree" over the "Diploma."