Pacific Stoneware Inc. envelope 


1890 –1986

Pacific Stoneware may have been the longest-running commercial pottery manufacturer in Oregon. Begun as Pacific Pottery in 1890, the company produced ceramic and stoneware at its headquarters near Guild’s Lake in Northwest Portland and later in Kenton (North Portland), until it closed in 1986. 

Initially, the company focused on utilitarian products such as bed warmers, crocks, stoneware jugs, poultry fountains, thimbles, butter churns, and flowerpots…In 1964, ceramicist Florence Jean Ellsworth designed the People Lovers line for the company. Consisting of flat slabs of clay cut into the shapes of people and animals and colorfully decorated…It was a breakthrough design for the company, as the pieces were not only wildly popular but also were quick and inexpensive to produce, and the company’s focus shifted away from flowerpots and crocks to People Lovers products.

—Oregon Encyclopedia