Robbins Awards Los Cabos 99


Cover of company magazine for Robbins Awards, designed by Charles Goslin. 

The magazine’s lead story was always about the company’s annual meetings held around the world. Goslin used this opportunity to create powerful images that symbolized the events and locations where they were held. This piece is an example of his method of using large dramatic symbols to play against intelligent smaller elements that were covered in the text. He also loved to work in black and white, the greatest extremes that a designer can work in. 

Goslin was an instructor of Graphic Design and Illustration at Pratt Institute from 1966–2007. He was a highly influential instructor having taught over 1,000 students. Goslin began his career working for design pioneer, Lester Beall. After leaving Beall’s office, Goslin set up his one-person studio in Park Slope, Brooklyn.


Robbins Awards Los Cabos 1999 Cover
Robbins Awards Los Cabos 1999 Cover