Herber Matter's Chimney Sweeper


Throughout the 21st Century, We have constantly been presented with unique and different examples of graphic design. Some examples pertained with their unique colors and abstract shapes, and others represented a time in history or an entirely new movement. Though this is a little different, while it may not be some historic piece with abstract shapes and diluted typography,  its based on a photo, of a dirty man in a red chair. 

Herbert Matter was known for his creativity and innovative photographic skills throughout his career in graphic design. After designing posters for the Container Corporation during World War II,  Florence Knoll personally hired Herbert Matter in 1946 as the new designer for his company, famously known as “Knoll," a famous furniture company that designs modern-era interior pieces such as modern-style chairs, and tables. 

Through his time at Knoll, he created the poster known as “Chimney Sweeper." Chimney Sweeper was a very unique and significant piece that Matter designed during his time at Knoll, The depiction of a Soot ridden man sitting in an eloquent chair was intended to promote the Womb chair, a new chair that the Knoll corporation designed at the time. The Soot-ridden man was chosen as the primary character in this piece because it was initially meant to promote the durability of the material it was made from. This piece ended up being a massive success for the Knoll Corperation, and Herbert Matter, as it was displayed as an advertisement in the “New Yorker” for thirteen consecutive years in a row.  

Herber Matter's Chimney Sweeper
Source: www.knoll.com