Stop Making Sense - Pablo Ferro Title Sequence


‘Stop Making Sense’ was released in 1984 and is one of the most groundbreaking concert films in history. The film was shot within three nights at Hollywood's Pantages Theater and features Talking Heads' most beloved songs. It is commonly considered by many to be the best concert film ever to exist and in 2021, the film was added to the National Film Registry, joining the Library of Congress along with 'Return of the Jedi,' and 'Wall-E,' to name a few. 

Pablo Ferro (1935-2018) was a graphic designer and film title designer from Antilla, Cuba. This title sequence he made for 'Stop Making Sense'  was hand drawn. Until his death in 2018 Pablo continued to produce, direct, and design, often working with his son Allen Ferro. He has been recognized widely for his contributions to film and design, receiving the Chrysler Design Award, the Art Directors Club Hall of Fame Award, and the AIGA Medal. Ferro is also the subject of Richard Goldgewicht’s 2012 documentary ‘Pablo.’ 

Pablo Ferro Title Sequence - Stop Making Sense (1984)