Ty I Ja (“You and Me”) Magazine

"[This] collection is a series of covers from Ty I Ja ("You and Me") a monthly cultural review published in Warsaw from 1960 to 1973. The magazine was originally created to appeal to upper-class Polish women, but its wide coverage of international culture (translated literary pieces from authors like Hemingway and Simone de Beauvoir, foreign film reviews, etc.) made it one of only windows to the Western world in the post-Stalin era—solidifying its popularity with the country's intelligentsia at large. The magazine was cofounded by editor-in-chief Roman Juryś, a journalist and prominent socialist activist, and head-of-fashion Teresa Kuczyńska, with Roman Cieślewicz, a founder of the Polish poster school, serving as artistic director. Ty I Ja was disbanded in 1973 by Polish authorities who deemed the magazine too aspirational, and therefore "unsuitable to the economic realities of the country." —Elizabeth Goodspeed