Il pneumatico che morde la strada


The "Pirelli Manifesto - The tire biting the road" of 1952 is an advertising poster created by the artist Pavel Engelmann on behalf of the Pirelli company.
The poster features an image of the footprint left by the braking of a Pirelli tire that "bites" the road, with the text "The tire that bites the road" at the bottom right and the Pirelli logo at the top left. The image of the poster is made in a simple and clean way, with a strong emphasis on the choice of primary colors such as the red in the Pirelli logo and the black of the track left by braking on a white background.

This advertising campaign was one of the first examples of an advertising image that emphasized the importance of road holding and driving safety. The manifesto helped to consolidate the Pirelli brand as a synonym of quality and safety in the production of tyres.

The 1952 poster has been re-proposed in numerous variations over the years and is still associated with the Pirelli brand today as one of the most famous and iconic advertising posters in the automotive industry.